Welcome to Americana Cane Corso

The art and science of breeding the perfect dog is a bit like an artist creating their masterpiece. Americana Cane Corso is a licensed boutique kennel dedicated to producing the best Cane Corsos in the world. 

Fueled both by passion for the iconic breed and the heritage of a Midwestern work ethic, our goal is to generate the very best this breed has to offer.

We focus on those dogs that we feel best exemplify the Italian Cane Corso of years passed—the dogs that would have been found long before the breed was in shows or portrayed primarily as a head breed. As we watch this breed begin to lose many of the traits that we so fell in love with, we are more determined then ever to stay the course to cultivate the very best “traditional-style” dogs we can.

For us, the joy of breeding is the continual pursuit of a better representative of the breed, our pursuit for the best, the perfect Cane Corso!

Whether you want to find a life-long companion or aim to enhance the bloodlines of your own kennel, we trust that you will find Americana Cane Corsos to exemplify the best this remarkable breed has to offer. Not only do our dogs possess the breed’s iconic physique, they are smart, trainable, eager to please, loyal, noble, confident, and fearless protectors.

As your master Cane Corso breeder, we trust that this magnificent breed will enhance your life as much as they have ours.


Silas and Alyssa

The art and science of breeding
the perfect dog is a bit like a distiller
pouring the perfect bourbon.
“Dogs are our link to paradise.

They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon
is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring –
it was peace.”

– Milan Kundera

Interested in adopting an
Americana Cane Corso?

While we are certainly thankful for the success we’ve enjoyed so far, the number phone calls we receive can be a little overwhelming! We would rather be working with the dogs than working with the phones.
Therefore we ask that you provide us with your name and number—we’ll notify you when litters are available and answer any questions you may have.
If you are interested please contact us sooner than later. The pups are placed fast! Remember, the pups go out in the order of the deposits received. Contact Silas 937-869-3412 or Alyssa at 803-770-7079 or use the contact form.
Polaroid picture of Americana Cane Corso’s Owner

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      Kelsey Newcomer Avatar Kelsey Newcomer
      July 11, 2024

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      L T Avatar L T
      June 22, 2024

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      May 28, 2024

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      Rebekah Botello Avatar Rebekah Botello
      May 28, 2024

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      May 24, 2024
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      April 20, 2024

      We are very pleased on our first interaction with Alyssa and her Husband Sylia. Our journey included 5400 mile round trip with our female gorgeous cane corso puppy. We researched... read more

      Jesse Carey Avatar Jesse Carey
      April 20, 2024

      Phillip Dewhurst Avatar Phillip Dewhurst
      April 16, 2024
    • We recently brought home Zephyr (now Fauna Zephyr) from their Little John/Amber litter and are so glad we found this breeder! Alyssa and Silas were amazing in keeping us up... read more

      Meg B Avatar Meg B
      April 15, 2024

      Warm, friendly and professional breeders we went there to get our puppy Zola and took a tour of the breeding facility which is very clean and organized operation. All the... read more

      Michael Ranker Avatar Michael Ranker
      April 15, 2024

      Very responsible breeders. Give you the facts. Extremely personable and will help you with any facet of raising the Corso they sell to you. I would highly recommend these great... read more

      Stephen Officer II Avatar Stephen Officer II
      April 15, 2024
    • I recommend them 100%. Amazing people to meet, you can tell they definitely care about their dogs so blessed with the puppy I got.

      victor_no_ lackin Avatar victor_no_ lackin
      April 13, 2024

      Buckeye is 9 months now and I couldn’t be more pleased with him. His demeanor is perfect and he his such a lovable guy. He’s great with kids and other... read more

      Gene Johnston Avatar Gene Johnston
      April 7, 2024

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      Thomas Rathbun Avatar Thomas Rathbun
      April 7, 2024
    • Love the way the are on top of this. Very fast response and always there to answer your questions. They also follow up with you to make sure everything is... read more

      rolando roques Avatar rolando roques
      March 14, 2024

      Our guy is almost a year old now and is known throughout town. Thank you so much!!!

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      March 14, 2024

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      February 18, 2024
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      February 16, 2024

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      January 11, 2024
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      December 11, 2023

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      December 10, 2023

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      November 30, 2023
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      November 29, 2023

      Beautiful dogs & quick replies from owner.

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      November 12, 2023

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      November 8, 2023