5 Reasons that Cane Corsi are Such Great Pets

Cane Corsi are quickly becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in the market for families adding a new pet to the home.

If you have heard of this brilliant beast but are wondering what the fuss is all about, then this post is for you. Chances are you have a lot of questions, so we’ll tell you the top five reasons that a Cane Corso makes for a great addition to families of all shapes and sizes. First, here are some fundamentals to get you started.

This large Italian Molosser, as Cane Corsi are otherwise known, are a breed of well-built animals that originate from Molossia, an area of ancient Epirus. They are known to have heavy bones, pendant ears, and a short, strong neck.

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So why choose an American Cane Corso? Because they make great pets.

01 They are a beautiful breed.

A dog’s distinctive looks may be the thing that draws you to them. With his tough looks and powerful build, the Cane Corso is an attractive dog with many wonderful attributes. If you have been around dogs your whole life and know how to treat the Cane Corso breed, this could very well be one of the best-looking pets you ever own. Just be sure you never buy a breed simply because you like the way it looks!

 02 They make for a great companion.

As a fiercely loyal breed, they have a reputation for doing whatever they can to please their owner family. This also makes them a very protective pet, which is instinctive of the Cane Corso breed. They are considered the ‘guardian’ dog and will keep your family safe.

03 They are responsive to training.

The Cane Corso breed is more observant of its owner and is typically more responsive to training than other mastiff breeds. Though they have a strong and dominant stature and are generally strong-willed in nature, the Cane Corso will listen to and respect a self-assured and steady owner. The importance here is to be consistent and firm in your training methods and to begin training at a very young age. Young pups train well and quickly, and once they learn something, they retain their behavior. If trained properly, the Cane Corso is eager to please, intellectual, and relaxed breed.

04 They are smart dogs that love to have a ‘job’.

Incredibly smart and alert, Cane Corsi love to have a responsibility, or “job.”. They need mental stimulation and regular training and exercise. This is not the type of dog you get and leave at home or in the yard all day long. They need to be entertained and kept active as much as possible. Just as humans do, Cane Corsi need a purpose. Give them that and they’ll be loyal to you forever.

05 They are the perfect pet for a natural leader.

Knowing and understanding your personality type is one of the best ways you can decide if the Cane Corso is the right pet for your home. If you are a natural leader with an assertive personality, chances are you would be a good fit for each other—so long as you are very comfortable around strong dog types. A Cane Corso requires a “boss”; They need to know you are in control and that you rule the roost. Otherwise, they will make their own rules! If you are a dominant personality that will take the time to love and train and lead your Cane Corso pup, then you will do just fine.

Ultimately, the Cane Corso breed is more than just a popular dog. They make for great pets with the right family. Here are some additional helpful tips for determining if the Cane Corso is the right pet for your family!