8 Interesting Facts About the Cane Corso

For those of you brand new to the Cane Corso scene, we thought we’d share some interesting facts about the breed to help you decide what you think about these beautiful, fierce Mastiffs.

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They are not kings.

Because many people struggle with the correct pronunciation of the Cane Corso name, the dogs have been dubbed all sorts of names, including “king corso.” While we understand this breed does possess quite the air, we want to help set the record straight. So, first things first, it’s pronounced: KAH-NAY KOR-SO.

They might come in handy if you ever get attacked by a lion.

Originating nearly 1,000 years ago in the Tibetan highlands, it is believed that the Cane Corso was originally used for guarding ancient monasteries. Historical research shows that the Romans were so impressed with the breed that they brought it back to Rome, where it is said that the Cane Corso was used to fight lions.

They are a bunch of extroverts.

The Cane Corso is a very outgoing and loyal dog. The breed is sensitive and affectionate, and very social by nature. They do not like to spend much time alone and require a lot of attention.

You might be able to judge this breed by its cover.

Cane Corsi are a very large breed, often described as ferocious dogs with big cheeks and strong personalities. They are very brave and intimidating, with a deep, wide muzzle and ears cropped very close to the head. They could be described as having a mean and lean look, and also have the lines of an athletic dog.

“The I.Q. of a dog” might be considered a compliment.

The Cane Corso breed carries a very high intelligence level. As such, it requires a certain type of family or individual to care for this kind of dog properly. They will test you to see how far they can go and what they can get away with. As a potential owner, you should ask yourself if you have the ability to remain firm and consistent. It is advised that an owner ought to have a “nothing is free” policy to ensure the dog knows to follow a command prior to receiving any type of reward. They require excellent leadership and boundaries; otherwise they will attempt to dominate the household. It is best to teach these incredibly smart dogs to adhere to rules extremely early on and to make sure all family members also understand the rules.

Their bite might be as bad as the bark.

Making the decision to own a breed that looks intimidating and has a history as a guard dog is not something to be taken lightly. Individuals who have any sort of fear towards dogs will almost definitely experience fear and concern around the Cane Corso. In fact, some home insurance policies will not cover claims pertaining to particular dog breeds, including the Cane Corso. It is best to check with your insurance company if you are unsure.

It’s okay to question authority (your own, that is).

With an extremely high intelligence level, a Cane Corso will require ownership and training from someone with a lot of animal experience. This breed needs to know why they should listen to you, so if you are not sure if you possess the authority to handle this powerful dog, you might want to consider a different breed.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Hitting or intimidating a Cane Corso (or any dog!) under any circumstance is a terrible idea. Violence of any kind can send the wrong message to the dog, which can be very dangerous when dealing with such a large and powerful breed. They do, however, respond extremely well to praise and rewards. A Cane Corso owner should try praising the dog for its good behavior as opposed to yelling or hitting them for poor behavior.

A Cane Corso can make a wonderful addition to the right family, and we would love to help answer any additional questions you might have. As with all breeds, it is simply important to understand what dog is the right fit for you. To check out our available Cane Corso pups, please check here.