A Puppy for Christmas

Puppy at Christmas Time

Just imagine. The family is gathered around the Christmas tree, pondering what Santa could have brought them. The most eager of the bunch takes a step towards the tree to claim the first gift. Then suddenly, a Cane Corso pup comes sneaking out from behind some of the boxes.

You have just secured the best Christmas present that will be enjoyed for years to come with fierce protection, loyalty and friendship. Check to see if a Cane Corso is the perfect fit for a Christmas gift for you and your loved ones. With all these great qualities, it is no wonder that during the holiday season, puppy sales sore.


Preparing for the Pup

Getting a Cane Corso, or another type of dog, is a serious, life-long decision. So, once you are sure that the receiver is ready for the extra bit of hustle and bustle of a Cane Corso pup, there is a bit of planning.

The best way to make sure your puppy is prepared is by choosing a quality breeder. Especially, if you’re going to have a business holiday home, look for a breeder who works on socialization of the pup.


Puppy list:

  • -Chew toys
  • -Crate and dog bed
  • -Bowls
  • -Puppy food
  • -Leash
  • -Collar


A New Puppy During the Holidays

Here are some quick tips for getting your Cane Corso familiar with their new home.

  • Christmas is a time for celebration, but some of celebration can make your pup sick. Make sure that all mistletoe, poinsettias, and Christmas dinner is kept out of their reach.
  • Allow your puppy some quiet downtime away from big crowds. It is best to keep their crate in a quiet room away from the festivities.
  • Every half hour, exercise with your pup and take them outside to help with their potty training.


Good luck with your new family addition and have a Merry Christmas!