Americana Cane Corso Breeder Located in Urbana, Ohio


We are Americana Cane Corso.

As our name suggests, Americana is a Cane Corso (also known as Italian Mastiff) breeder. As a breeder, we’ve settled in the midst of Central Ohio. It’s just an hour west of Columbus, Ohio and an hour north of Dayton, Ohio.

Like our antique little town of Urbana, Ohio—we know that good things are built to last. To make things last, you’ve got to add hard work, specialty training, and passion of heritage. It might take extra effort, but we breed dogs that will healthy companions for years to come. This takes a special know-how and a passion for the Italian Mastiff’s rich history and heritage to properly breed.

Utilizing these components and our Midwestern work ethic, we’ve become experts in the iconic Cane Corso breed.

Getting The Cane Corso Appearance

We see breeding the perfect Italian Mastiff like a renowned distiller refining their bourbon. Meaning, there is a great deal of art and science to our dogs.

This “distillery” searches the globe looking for the best bloodlines. Ones that are healthy and have the unique and distinctive look of an award-winning Cane Corso. Our deep research led us to the world-renown Luigi Di Rienzo of Valle Dei Lord Kennels in Sora, Italy and we imported Gioia, our first female.

Every pup is bred with care and professionalism. After it is born, they are kept to the highest standard with current shots, worming records, and tail docked. We keep a cautious eye on breeding to keep your dog genetically healthy—both physically and mentally. Beyond keeping your pup healthy, we have also care about the social health of your dog.


To better present our clientele with a well-rounded Cane Corso, we see it as our duty, as breeders, to socialize your pup. Socialization is important during the very earliest stages of life for your Italian Mastiff.

Puppies are most accepting of new experiences between 3-12 weeks. Because of this being so early on in the pup’s life, it is crucial for us as the breeder to start the socialization process. We take this vitally serious. Of course, as a new Cane Corso owner, you will need to continue your pup’s socialization however, your pup’s foundation will be well-rounded before you take him or her home.

A Breeder’s Oath

We breed pups that will be loyal family additions for years to come. It is our duty as breeders to give the best, most healthy pups out there. We welcome you to take a look at our available puppies, and you’ll see that our dogs are heads above the rest.