Americana Cane Corso—the Cane Corso Breeder of Choice

The Cane Corso is an AKC-recognized working breed. Since coming to America in 1988 and being recognized by the AKC in 2010, the Cane Corso breed has gained wild popularity.

Unfortunately, with the rise of demand, there has also been a rise in unqualified and negligent Cane Corso breeders. Finding a reputable Cane Corso breeder in the U.S. is not the easiest thing to do. However, if you’re located in Ohio, there is a quality breeder closer than you might think. Americana Cane Corso is an Ohio Cane Corso breeder that ships pups all over the world.

Does Your Breeder Selection Really Matter?

You might be wondering if it matters where you get your Cane Corso. If that’s the case let us be the first—and probably not the last—to tell you that yes, it matters!

There are many real concerns surrounding puppy mills: poor mental and physical temperament, lack of socialization, and health problems. A Cane Corso breeder can make the difference between a highly aggressive, scared dog and a protective, obedient, eager to please pet. Additionally, the money you spend investing in a quality breeder will be a lot less than the vet bills of a poorly bred Cane Corso. As a large breed, if not bred properly, these dogs can be susceptible to hip, elbow, and cardiac issues.

Poor breeding is simply not acceptable.

A Cane Corso Breeder That Cares

The team at Americana Cane Corso has taken it as a personal challenge and goal to produce only the very best this breed has to offer. We are a creative group and often find ourselves comparing the art and science of breeding to an artist creating his or her masterpiece.

This boutique-style kennel is dedicated to producing the best Cani Corsi in the world.

Our team’s dedication is fueled by a devout belief that our pups are special creatures destined to be loved, cared for, and protected. That starts at conception. We only create pups we’d be thrilled to have as a healthy part of our families. And because of that, we know they’ll be the perfect addition to your family.

The Americana Cane Corso Difference

Americana Cane Corso is the breeder of choice. Here’s a quick look at why:

Training Not all training and training timing are created equal. It is important to train pups very young, as Americana Cane Corso does. The first months are pivotal for setting good habits. Once you pick up an Americana Cane Corso pup, it is also important to continue training with a qualified trainer. Find more tips on how to find a trainer here.

Socialization. At Americana Cane Corso, we start socialization as young as possible to make sure your pup is even-tempered and not skittish in various environments.

Pristine Pedigree. Your dog’s health, temperament, appearance, and more all start with the pure breed pedigree. From Italy to America, Americana Cane Corso finds the best dogs to breed for faultless temperament and health.

Top food.  During the beginning weeks of life, Cane Corso puppies grow exponentially. To maintain proper health during their growth, we only feed our dogs top of the line food.

If you’re ready to add a Cane Corso addition to your family, the high standard of Americana Cane Corso is the only way to go. Give us a shout!