Becoming the Pack Leader

Becoming the Pack Leader

For most dogs, the instinctual pack mentality may be visible. As a Cane Corso, a dominate breed, this instinct maybe more evident. For this reason, it is important to establish your dominance as a pack leader. Your Cane Corso will look to their pack leader for guidance, reassurance, safety, and obedience.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a naturally, dominate personality, we have a few tips on how to establish yourself as the pack leader.

Know Your Cane Corso’s Body Language.

The main giveaways for your dog’s mood is his or her head, ears, tail, and back. These can be a clue as to how your dog is feeling. If they are lowered, they may feel submissive, uncertain, and maybe even fearful. It is important to offer reassurance when you see these signs. On the other hand, the higher these are, the more excited, playful, and dominant your dog is feeling. If your pup is charging with his tail wagging and no tension—he is feeling more playful than threatening.

Remember to Exercise.

Much like restless toddlers, your pup will become more mischievous when bored. To combat this, regularly exercise your pup. A good source of exercise is going on a walk/run, playing fetch, and tug of war. A well-exercised pup is a more obedient one.

No Means No.

It is important to stick with the rules. It is confusing and counterproductive to set rules and unfaithfully enforce them. For instance, if your rule is not eating people food—you cannot allow your dog to beg for scraps of food. It is also wise to make sure your guests know that their human food is not a special dog treat. This consistency will set up clear guidelines for your Cane Corso.

Be Patient.

Your pup is learning. Like humans, when we learn new skills—it takes time. There will be a time for them to make mistakes and have accidents. However, it is important to keep up your routine and continue trying! It is also good to remember that pups are naturally more mischievous and the more they grow—the more they will mature.

Finally, Visualize Yourself as the Pack Leader.

Your dog can sense your emotions. This makes them a wonderful companion. However, it can also be a tool to establish your dominance. If you feel confident when giving commands, your dog will respond. It will become the alpha tone your pup looks towards for guidance.

Good luck and remember, a little confidence, patience, and consistency can go a long way when training your pup.