Is a Cane Corso the Breed Fit for You?

Are you considering the Cane Corso breed to add to your family?

Looking for a new dog breed addition to your family can be intimidating. It’s important that you make sure your new Cane Corso, also known as an Italian Mastiff, will be an asset to your family’s dynamic. To make it easier, we have answered some common questions concerning the Cane Corso breed.


Can Cane Corsi be a companionship breed?

Cane Corsi are a fiercely loyal breed. They are known for trying to do whatever they can to please you. To please you, they will often become your inseparable friend around the home, on walks, or new adventures. Cane Corsi are known for becoming part of the family.

Can Cane Corsi be around children or other dogs?

Like most dog breeds, this question comes down to puppy socialization. Choose a breeder who socializes their pups with all environments at a young age. If they are socialized around other dogs, children, and different adults—your Cane Corso will welcome your entire family, furry friends and children alike.


Can they be left alone for the day?

For the most part, this breed isn’t an overactive breed, however it is good to get them into a routine. Like people, it’s good for them to get daily exercise. You could go on a morning walk and have them tired for the day. If you don’t have morning time, consider an afternoon or night walk. Your Cane Corso should know its schedule. This would include when they go out, exercise, and when they are left alone.

Your Cane Corso should adapt to being left alone for the day. If your Cane Corso seems anxious, you could consider: more exercise, toys to keep them occupied, or a companionship friend to keep your Cane Corso company.


Is a Cane Corso a protective breed?

Being protective is in a Cane Corso’s instinctive nature. In ancient times, these dogs started off going into battle with Ancient Italic people. Their Ancient Italic name can be roughly translated into ‘guardian.’ Living up to its name, your Cane Corso will have a protective nature and a need to keep your family safe.

Is the Italian Mastiff look for you?

You new dog has a powerful look. The mere mastiff presence commands attention with its athletic build, agile form, and unique fur. Its build is not for everyone. However, it might make you feel safer as you go on walks around town.