Cane Corso Fundamentals

Cane Corso Fundamentals

Choosing a new addition to your family is a big decision. To aid in your decision making process, we’ve come up with a brief overview of Cane Corso basics.

The Cane Corso Rich History

Cane Corso, also known as an Italian Mastiff, is an old Italian breed with a rich history. Originally, this powerful breed was used for practical matters. They were helpful with hunting, protection, and guarding.

Physical Appearance

The Italian Mastiff comes with a very distinct appearance. This appearance consists of a short coat in various colors. The coat may be black, grey, fawn, or red. With these colors, your pup may also have a brindle pattern. A brindle patter is irregular streaks of light and dark shades.

This is a large, muscular breed. The males will stand around 25 to 27.5 inches, with the females at about 23.5 to 26 inches. Depending on their height and sex, their weight typically ranges from 90 to 120 pounds.


Your Cane Corso is a highly intelligent, dominate breed. However, they are loyal to the owner they see as their pack leader, the individual(s) with a strong sense of leadership. A confident and consistent pack leader can transform a stubborn pup to a great family dog. As this requires a bit more time, experience, and training, it may not be the best “first dog.”


As mentioned above, Italian Mastiffs are a highly intelligent, dominate breed. With firm and loving guidance, your pup will be loyal and loving to you and the rest of your family. You will all be one, tight-knit pack.

To assist in your Cane Corso’s temperament, proper socialization is needed at a young age. This builds confidence and alleviates fears.  It’s also important for you pup to also have alone time to build confidences. It also allows him or her know that you will come back and he or she is competent on their own.

Activity Level

Cane Corso is known to be a very active dog. They are classified as a working dog. With that in mind, this breed needs mental and physical stimulations. To adhere to the working dog’s needs, they do well given a task or a role in the family. They also must be exercised daily. Their activity level can also make them more restless than other breeds. For this reason, it is not well suited to apartment living.


Exercise is also needed for you pup to stay healthy. Cane Corso’s are known to gain weight if they are not on a proper diet and exercise regiment. Your Italian Mastiff’s health is also dependent on grooming. They should be brushed daily, their teeth cleaned a few times a week, and their nails properly and regularly trimmed.