A Cane Corso is More Than Just a Breed

Owning The Cane Corso Breed

Cane Corso, like many dogs, have various roles in the home. Italian Mastiff owners know that when they receive their pup or adult, they’re receiving far more than just a dog.

A Companion

Whether it is a lazy afternoon after a busy day at work, a relaxing walk, or a power run—your Cane Corso is happy to come along. Your Italian mastiff is not an overactive breed. While they need exercise, they are pretty content being with their owners. These dogs are known for being highly affectionate with their family. It is their fierce loyalty and dedication to you that will make all the difference in their companionship.

A Protector

One of the Cane Corso Breed’s many attractive attributes is its instinctive, protective nature. In ancient times, these dogs were used in battle. Their Ancient Italic name can be roughly translated into ‘guardian.’ Living up to its name, this large breed will be the family protector.

A Hunter

The Cane Corso breed in its early development into the world was used to hunt big game like wild boar. It’s agile, athletic, and large build makes a great partner for an experienced hunter.

A Healer

A dog has a sort of healing power. It is a welcoming face that’s excited to see you come home. The Cane Corso breed is highly keen to your emotions and have been known to adapt their behavior as an extension to your emotions. Sometimes for healing, it’s just enough to know that your dog is there to listen with no judgment of its’ own—just unconditional love and companionship.


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