Taking Care of Your Cane Corso

The Cane Corso, also known as an Italian Mastiff, breed was originally breed in Italy as hunting or guard dogs. However, in the last forty years, the Cane Corso has become a worldwide breed. Even more so, in recent years, they have immensely grown in popularity. So, it’s no wonder you are thinking about getting your own Cane Corso pup or looking for ways to care for your newly acquired pet.

Feeding Routine of A Cane Corso 

Your Cane Corso is a mighty breed with an athletic build and appearance. These Italian rooted companions stand with a height of 23 to 27 inches and weighs in at 88 to 120 pounds.

Other than their magnificent beauty, is the care behind their large appearances.

This breed can eat about four or five cups of high-quality dog food every day. You can check with your breeder or vet about the portion or feeding routine your Italian Mastiff needs.


Your Cane Corso will have a dense, short, and stiff coat with a light undercoat. This makes grooming very easy. Your companion will just need to be brushed every few days with a soft bristle brush.

While you brush their hair, it is good to remember to brush and clean their teeth. Good oral health is key to a healthy pup.

Other than their brushing, make sure to keep their nails trimmed. Remember to not go too long between trimmings!

Keeping Your Cane Corso Healthy

Most breeders will crop their ears. This is for the health, safety, and look of your dog. Ear cropping is essential to keep your dog healthily and less likely to contract an ear infection. While cropped ears are more sanitary, don’t forget to clear their ears regularly.

Another key component to keeping a dog healthy, is regular exercise. While your Cane Corso has a medium energy level, they still need exercise. Try daily walks, playing with them, or reasonable runs when they are old enough.

To allow them the activity they need, it is best to not have them in a crate all day. Their frame is too large for it to be comfortable. If you can, give them a fenced-in yard and allow them some free range.


From a young age, your Cane Corso pup should be socialized. This allows them to comfortably adapt from one environment to the next. While also being comfortable with the new people they encounter.


This is a good start to keeping your Italian Mastiff happy and healthy. To find out more about the Cane Corso’s care, give us a shout.