Choosing A Family Addition

A New family Addition

Are you considering adding a new family addition? Here are some tips when choosing to adopt a dog for your family.



Does Your Family Have Young Ones?

If you have youngster, seven years or less, a toy-sized (under 15 pound) dog may not be ideal for your household. These little dogs are fine-bonded and tend to be touch sensitive. Small companion dogs may prove to be too fragile for small children. They also tend to bite more readily than their larger, more mellow counterpart dogs.

You also want to make sure that your soon-to-be furry family member has been socialized with young children.


Consider The Family Addition’s Caretaker

Who is going to be taking care of the dog? Do they have time to take a high-energy dog on activities? It’s best that the caretaker be able to match the energy level of the dog.

Are they prepared to take a longhaired friend to many grooming maintenance visits? Some breeds require a dog to be groomed more often than others. This can be due to their hair type, environment, size, and preference of the owner.

A pet is a great family addition, but just like every other member of the family—they have their own specific needs. Choosing a dog breed that fits your family is key.


Your Dog’s Role

This goes down to your adopted dog’s personality and breed. While you shouldn’t generalize a breed, it is good to consider the breed. Do you want a protective family addition, a hunting companion, or laid-back friend?

Once you answer what your needs are for your dog, the breed may become an easy choice.


Choose Breeders That Care!

The health, temperament, and personality of your dog starts with the breeder. Make sure that your choice breeders care about their dogs and have extensive knowledge about their breed.

Your quality breeder can also update you on your dog or puppy’s veterinary care.

Get to know your breeder by gathering information on social media, past reviews, and their website.



There is a lot to consider when adopting a dog, but don’t forget to enjoy your new family addition. Dogs are great companions and loyal friends. Choosing the right dog for you will allow you to make the most out of your new family member.