The Health of Your Cane Corso

At one point or another, dog owners may have to deal with an ill pup. It’s an experience that’s heart wrenching, confusing, and stressful. Here at Americana Cane Corso, we are focused on minimizing sick time, improving your dog’s health, and maintaining safety. That is why we have compiled a list of helpful tips to keep your dog healthy.

A Safe Environment

A safe environment can be as simple as keeping dangerous materials out of your dog’s reach. Cleaning products, for instance, should be properly put way. A storage solution might be a locked lower cabinet, a sealed cleaning closet, or an upper cabinet.

It can also be toxic products that are less obvious like food. Here are some beloved people food that can harm your Cane Corso: chocolate, grapes, raisins, bread dough, garlic, onions, and avocados…just to name a few.


As hygiene plays an important part in a human’s health, it’s also vital for your dog’s health. Part of hygiene is grooming. This means—keeping your dog’s teeth brushed, their ears clean, and give them a regular bath.

Hygiene is also a part of the environment. Your floors should be moped regularly. This keeps outdoor toxins and germs from getting to your pup. However, make sure that the floor is dried from all cleaning products before letting your dog reenter—they may lick the wet chemicals or get it on their paws.

Another commonly missed step of cleanliness is to keep their food bowls clean. Bacteria, food, mold and saliva can all be built up on the dishes and may cause illness.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition can give your Cane Corso the nutrients he or she needs to stay strong and healthy. Poor dog food can also lead to illness with artificial ingredients, chemicals, insufficient nutrition, or imitation fillers. For tips on choosing the right dog food, check out a Choosing the Right Dog Food for Your Cane Corso.

Regular Exercise

Exercise can keep your Cane Corso’s heart healthy, loosen old bones, and keep muscles strong. Remember, exercise is dependent on the age, breed, and health of your dog. To help create the right plan, visit our past exercise blog.

Preventative Medications

Of course, a big part of your Cane Corso’s health is to have preventative measures taken. This is especially important with vaccination. These are often required before your dog will be exposed to others and at different ages.

It is also the monthly care of heartworm medication and flee and tick medication.  These parasites can carry life-threatening disease or crippling illnesses. So, preventative medications are a small price to pay for your dog’s health. And, as always, consult your veterinarian for a replicable brand. A poor medication can be just as dangerous as not using it at all.

Recognizing Early Signs of Illness

You know you pet and their routines better than anyone else. For instance a change in their eating, a discrepancy in their bathroom patterns, the sudden appearance of diarrhea, vomiting, or a new sleeping patter—these can all be signs that your dog may be ill.

If you suspect an illness may be upon your pup, make sure to consult your vet.