Determining if the Cane Corso is Right for Your Family


Is the Cane Corso Breed Right for Your Family?

The Cane Corso breed has become a highly popular dog breed in the last decade, largely due to its’ quality attributes among which are a strong athletic build, an ability to adapt to a family, its’ trainability, and many others.

Defining the Cane Corso Personality | Family Immersion

Experts of the Cane Corso Breed find them to be wonderful companions for families with children, and also able to adjust quickly to members of the immediate family.  They are devoted, affectionate, and loyal to their owners.  They also make strong watchdogs and are very protective of their owner family.  If the Cane Corso is well-bred, as are our pups, they can be carefully trained to become stable, reliable pets.

Families considering adding a Cane Corso to their family should be aware that Cane Corsi are, by nature, possessive, protective, territorial, dominant, and distrusting of strangers.  They are acutely aware of danger, disruption and distress in their households.  As you care for and train your Cane Corso, however, you can teach them to know when to be in full protective mode or to back down.

Understanding the Cane Corso | Need for Activity

The Cane Corso is a highly energetic breed that thrives off of and requires both exercise and activity.  Things to think about when considering adding a Cane Corso to your family are your family’s ability to provide adequate exercise for your dog.  They need a place to run and play, and also find comfort in being able to patrol their house and yard.

Cane Corsi Requirements for Health and Happiness | Training

The Cane Corso breed is very smart, and also a willing breed.  They also love to please their owners, and make very loyal pets.

They need a regimen, however, and need to be trained well. It is important to start training immediately, as Cane Corsi are able to reach 60 lbs. within only six months’ time.

Cane Corsi should be trained to respect you, and when trained properly, will learn the words you say and obey you. You must train them in a way that encourages respect, discipline, and obedience.

Also, if you teach your dog the right words, he will understand what you say. Furthermore, if you teach him the right words in the right way, and he will actually do what you say.

Overall, Cane Corsi are an exceptional breed and will make an incredible addition to a family who understands the breed and knows what to expect and how to train and love their Cane Corso appropriately.

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