From Italy to America: The Cane Corso Evolution

Being Recognized in America

The American Kennel Club, AKC, officially recognized the Cane Corso breed in 2010. Although it is fairly new to the AKC world, this is an ancient dog breed. It has roots deeply grounded in Italy with an iconic history. 


Getting the Rich Cane Corso Culture

Choose a breeder that understands the Italian Mastiff’s rich history. It’s important to find breeders that have a special know-how and passion for the heritage in order to properly breed.

This doesn’t necessarily mean hoping on a plane to Italy, but find a breeder who has connections to the Italian world. This can keep the Cane Corso appearance up to the breed’s AKC standards.

Many choose this mighty breed for their alert build, strong head, and athletic frame. However, with an inexperienced breeder, this look can get muddled. This is more than looks. Its build leads to the Italian Mastiffs being more agile, faster, and adventurous when compared to other mastiffs.


An Ancient Personality

Centuries before the AKC recognized the Cane Corso breed, it was known throughout Ancient Italy as a guardian and protector. In fact, their name can be roughly translated to ‘guardian.’

This protective breed is also fearlessly loyal. This loyalty leads your Cane Corso to be docile and affectionate to their families. At the same time, it is also a protector of house and home, it becomes the perfect watchdog for its family.

In the days gone by, they were once in charge of protecting the home not only from intruders, but also from vicious, wild animals. In fact, this was seen as one of their purposes. So, after the WWI, WWII, and the Industrialization era there were few Italian Mastiffs left. Luckily, there were Cane Corso enthusiasts in the 1970s that were able to institute a breeding program that lead to the breed’s growth in the last fifty years.


Are You Looking for Your Own Piece of Italy?

Check out the world-class kennel, Americana Cane Corso, who took their passion for the iconic, Italian breed and the heritage of the Midwestern work ethic.

Americana took their Cane Corso breeding seriously from the start. The scoured the globe in search of the best bloodlines in the world. Their deep research led them to the world-renown Luigi Di Rienzo of Valle Dei Lord Kennels in Sora, Italy. There, they imported Gioia, their first female. They have kept this dedication ever since and as a result, their dogs exhibit the very best of the Cane Corso heritage.

Choose a breeder that cares.