New Americana Cane Corso Website

We Have a New Website:

Americana Cane Corso is proud to announce our new website!

For the website design, we wanted a portal that would be the hub for our business. A website that would portray the care that we have when crafting your family dog.

One of the main reasons for our website is to showcase our dogs! We have provided pages dedicated to our furry friends. For instance, we want to show you our males and females dog. They are held to the highest standards and offer the best linage for your puppy.

Once you have finished looking at the big dogs, feel free to peruse the website’s puppies available section. Our dogs are perfect for companionship, guarding, hunting, and to make bypassers envious of your beautiful new friend.

Our dogs are so versatile because of their long and rich history. It is in their blood. They began as guard and warrior dogs. However, today they are commonly seen as a companion breed. Through their history it is clear that the Cane Corso breed has done it all!

Aside from their lineage and history, our dogs are breed with the utmost care. We have a thorough understanding of the dog business. It is not enough to have a great male and female dog, you have to train them and love them.

We utilize the first moments of their life to train them. Their first few weeks are crucial for the development and temperament of your Cane Corso. Choose a breeder that you can trust. Choose a breeder who knows the breed and will make sure to produce the best dog for your family.

If you are ready for a new Cane Corso, furry friend, please visit our website and we will help match you with your ideal dog.