Only the Best Will Do for Your New Pup


When you finally arrive home with your new friend you’ve already taken many steps in preparing for your new Cane Corso pup.

But as you prepare it is important to consider the type of toys, food, crate, and grooming supplies to best meet the needs of your new dog. Walking into a pet store with full shelves can seem overwhelming and leave you wondering if you should buy it all, or end up going home with the wrong items for your breed. Here are some tips on what you should have for your new puppy.


The Cane Corso breed is a short-faced breed, meaning that as they eat they tend to suck in air. As you can guess that extra air can cause excessive flatulence and unpleasant odors for you to deal with. Purchasing the wrong type of food for your new pup can undoubtedly make the situation better, or worse. Many of the foods on your pet store’s shelves will contain ingredients that are much more difficult for your new puppy to digest, so be sure to steer away from any grains, the most prevalent being soy or corn. The best thing you can feed your new  Cane Corso is a grain free food made with real ingredients that were purchased from local farmers. It may not be the easiest thing to find, nor the cheapest, but you will be feeding your dog the best.


There are quite a variety of dog toys that flood the shelves of your local pet store, but luckily you can’t really go wrong when it comes to toys for your Cane Corso. Variety is actually the best thing you can give your new pup, and within no time you’ll know what they enjoy the most. Try to have some type of rope, several chew toys, a squeaky toy, and a few bones available when you get home. It’s safe to say if you have these ready you’ll have one happy puppy.


As you can imagine this one isn’t rocket science either. Just make sure you have a large enough crate for your large breed pup to grow into. You will need to find one that is heavy duty (Cane Corso’s can grow as large as 110 pounds and get up to 28 inches tall), and make it as comfortable as possible by adding towels, padding, or a bed.


When grooming your new Cane Corso you will need a soft bristle brush made for short hair breeds, shampoo made specifically for dogs, and large nail clippers. Your new pup will need brushed every two to three days to reduce shedding and keep their coat soft (even though they have short hair they do shed). It is also recommended that you begin, or have a groomer begin, clipping their toenails from a young age in order to get them used to having this done. Every two to three weeks it is recommended that you clip their nails and they should be kept from touching the ground.

Shampooing your new pup can be done as you see fit, but it is a great idea to have dog shampoo on hand for whenever it becomes necessary.


For more information, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer your questions!