Preparing for Your New Cane Corso Pup

Congratulations on your new Cane Corso pup. It is clear that a Cane Corso was the Breed Fit for You.

Now, it’s time to start your relationship off on the right foot…or paw. Properly preparing for your new Cane Corso can make the transition easier for you and your pup.


What to Buy

  • -Chew toys
  • -Dog bed and/or crate
  • -Food and water dish
  • -Pup food
  • -Leash
  • -Collar
  • -Grooming supplies: shampoo, tooth cleaning kit, a brush, etc.
  • -Identification tag

Assigning Tasks

Who and how often to:

  • -Take out
  • -Feed
  • -Groom (We recommend brushing their hair, cleaning their teeth, and trimming their nails often. Baths are also important, however remember not to wash them too often or you’ll dry out their skin. Here are more tips on Taking Care of Your Cane Corso.)


Socialization is crucial for a puppy. When they are young, they are most moldable. Socialization should be done with frequent rewards, praise, and treats. It should not be a forceful or scary environment. Be sure to introduce your puppy to all types of people (young and old, tall and short, etc.), visit new places with your pup, and introduce new sounds (timers, vacuums, crowds, hairdryers, storms, etc.). Here is more information on socialization.

Obedience school is a great option, especially if this is your first dog. However, this can also be beneficial to those who have had many dogs.

It is also important to agree on command names to avoid confusing your pup. Meaning, forming a single command name for: going outside, going to the bathroom, or calming down.

Preparing Your Pup’s Space

Clearing your pup’s space. This includes making sure that plants, potential poisonous substances, and breakables are all secured from your Italian Mastiff’s reach.

Make sure your pup is on a smooth surface, such as tile, if he is not potty trained yet.

Talk to Your Breeder About Your Pup

It is important to ask your breeder when your new pup was normally fed, how much, and what type of food. You can slowly wean them off this schedule and on to yours. However, it is important to replicate the breeders routine the first few days to avoid upsetting your pup’s stomach. To switch foods,  mix their old food and new food for about a week or so before completely switching brands.

Be sure to also find out what vaccines your pup has and how often they will need their shots.

Finally, don’t forget to ask for any tips your breeder might have!