The Salinas

We cannot say enough about our handsome boy Diego!  Gerardo picked up Diego March 30, 2018.  He brought him all the way home to Aurora, IL to meet his new family.  He has two French Bulldog brothers Freddy and Kane.  He is very good with his brothers.  They are quite the pack.  He started their size and still thinks he is!  Diego is extremely intelligent, loving and playful.  He is definitely a guard dog.  Once he gets to know you he has nothing but love to give you.  He is the happiest dog we have ever had the pleasure of having as part of our family.  You just look at him and his tail and butt start wagging.  He loves to be outdoors and playing in the water.  Diego is wonderful and is beyond what we expected.  Thank you Americana Cane Corso (Silas) for truly loving and caring about this breed.  It shows in the awesome pups you provide to your buyers.  We have been truly blessed with having Diego in our lives.  Hopefully when we are ready for our next you will still be around!

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