The Mighty Cane Corso Gains Popularity

The Italian Mastiff, also known as a Cane Corso, has been gaining worldwide popularity.  In 2010, less than a decade ago, the AKC recognized this mighty breed.  Since then, they have become widely popular.

We decided to take a closer look into how the Cane Corso breed has gained its recognition.

Defining Features of a Cane Corso: A Dog Like No Other

Proud Heritage. Centuries before the AKC recognized the Italian Mastiff breed, it was known throughout Ancient Italy as a guardian and protector. In fact, their name can be roughly translated to ‘guardian.’

Personality. This protective breed is fearlessly loyal. This loyalty leads your Cane Corso to be docile and affectionate to their families. At the same time, it is also a protector of house and home—creating the perfect watchdog.

Abilities. Your purebred is known for being agile, athletic, and intelligent. With this award-winning combination, your Cane Corso’s abilities are also very diverse.

A Cane Corso’s abilities are only limited to its training. Most owners find training to be a fairly easy task compared to other breeds. Their need to please and sharp wit often shows quick results. A crucial part in your dog’s developmental training is socialization, which you can read more about here. 

Italian Mastiffs in the Media

Seen on the Big Screen. Movie directors, actors, and cinema fanatics have been in full wonder of this powerful breed. It’s been seen in blockbusters such as King Arthur.

In A-Lister’s Homes. Following closely behind the movie screens, a-list celebrities have been seen roaming around with their Cane Corso pet. People like Lebron James and Vin Diesel sport the popular breed.

Watched on TV Networks and Streaming Devices. Much like the cinemas, directors have found key roles for the Italian Mastiff. Their presence has been seen in shows like Game of Thrones, Blacklist, and Atlanta.

National Geographic. This renowned company featured a beautiful spread on their social media. They highlighted a 140-pound Cane Corso in a series called ‘The Year Of The Dog.’

Looking For Your Own Popular Pup?

As the art and science of breeding the perfect dog is a bit like an artist creating their masterpiece, Americana Cane Corso is a boutique kennel dedicated to producing the best Italian Mastiffs available in the world.

Fueled by both passion for the iconic breed and the heritage of a Midwestern work ethic, Americana Cane Corso’s goal is to produce the very best this breed has to offer.