Traits of the Cane Corso Purebred

Getting to Know the Cane Corso Purebred

 The Cane Corso, also known as an Italian Mastiff, is a large, purebred. These dogs exhibit intelligence, loyalty, and agility as shown by their rich history.

Their Coat

Appearance:  Their coat is commonly found in various shades of gray and fawn. These variations my have a brindle pattern, or irregular streaks of light and dark color. It’s also not uncommon to have white markings on the dog’s chest, toes, and nose bridge.

Grooming: Your Cane Corso will have a dense, short, and stiff coat with a light undercoat. This makes grooming easy (read more about grooming in our post here). Brushing your Cane Corso with a soft bristle brush every couple of days will help reduce their shedding, while keeping their coat soft and clean.


Your purebred is known for being agile, athletic, and intelligent. With this award-winning combination, your Cane Corso’s abilities are also very diverse. Many owners enjoy their Italian Mastiff as a hunter, protector, and/or companion for your family.

A Cane Corso’s abilities are only limited to its training. Most owners find training to be a fairly easy task compared to other breeds. Their need to please and sharp wit often shows quick results. A crucial part in your dog’s developmental training is socialization which you can read more about here. Socialization will give your pup the skills to be able to properly, and easily, adapt to new people, places, and activities.

Activity Level

A Cane Corso purebred is fairly active and enjoys mental and physical stimulation. To stay healthy and maintain muscle tone, these build dogs need daily exercise. Walks, opportunities to move around, playing fetch, and jogs are just some of the many ways to get them moving.



Your Cane Corso will quickly become part of your family. It will bond with those closest to it and become very protective. This loyalty creates the perfect watchdog as it will fearlessly protect its family against any aggressor.

Italian Mastiffs can also be shy around strangers and hesitant to bond with outsiders. However with proper socialization, your purebred can be more welcoming to new people.

Finding your Cane Corso

To get the best of all your Cane Croso’s traits, choose an experience breeder that cares. For Central Ohio, local breeders, check out Americana Cane Corso.