Will a Cane Corso Hurt My Other Dog?

Your Pet’s Compatibility: Do Cane Corso Dogs Get Along with Other Breeds?

Are you thinking about getting a Cane Corso? Maybe you’ve long admired these dogs from afar, researched them into the wee hours of the morning, and know this is the breed you want to add to your family. There’s just one issue: you already have another dog. (Or maybe more!)

In this case, the only thing holding you back from getting your Cane Corso may be the concern that he or she might not get along with your other dog.

We certainly understand your interest in this incredibly popular breed. And we respect your desire to learn as much as you can about this dynamic pet prior to taking the step of ownership. Americana Cane Corso is here to educate you on everything you should consider before adding this fiercely loyal yet territorial personality to your family of pets.

First Things First: Are Your Other Pets Small or Large?

Due to their highly protective nature and guard dog personality, the Cane Corso is not a good fit for families with small dogs or cats.

They were bred to guard homes, families, and livestock, and due to their distinct “prey drive,” you should not consider them a good fit for your environment if you plan to mix them with small animals!

What About Dogs of the Same Sex?

There are definitely instances where the Cane Corso does well with other dogs, but we’ve found that they are typically pretty aggressive around dogs of the same sex. This is likely due to their need to “stake their claim” on their parent owner.

If you plan to mix your Cane Corso with a pet of the same size and stature and also of the same sex, it’s critical you actively engage in early socialization with other dogs. This is also VERY important for long term safety and health, as it will provide opportunities for the Cane Corso to become very familiar with seeing other dogs out and about in public settings. Here is an excellent article for how to socialize your dog from a very young age.

Start Them Out Young

If you start your Cane Corso pup out at a very young age and raise them from the get-go with other animals, they should do well. They will, however, most likely try to attempt dominance over the other pets in the home.

Finding a great breeder, like Americana Cane Corso, is probably one of the most critical things you can do as a prospective owner. A Cane Corso’s temperament is almost entirely formed between 3 and 12 weeks of age, and the skill sets that are or aren’t administered during that time can determine how your dog will forever get along with people of all ages, its environment in general, and especially other dogs.

Take all of these important factors into consideration and be sure to research other tools online for ways to prepare your pup from the beginning for diverse situations!